Thank you for choosing ULIO as part of your school's Make project. In a fast-growing world of robotics, drafting, printing and  assembling ULIO is a great opportunity to teach your students new skills.

Any Make project has its level of difficulties starting from the design, building the parts, proper assembly and the final startup. But with the right planning of time and human resources the rewards will surpass your expectations.

At the end of this project, your students will be able to draw and print in 3D, which will enable some of them to design and prototype their own inventions.

In order for this project to succeed you will need to:

  • Properly print all the parts (available online video tutorials)
  • Adequate assembly (available online video tutorials)
  • Properly startup the printer (available online video tutorials)

Please keep in mind ULIO will not have the precision of a 3D printer with a timing belt and pulleys

Based on our experience this is what you need to know to better prepare yourself for this educational project

Human resources

  • Students take time to assemble and calibrate ULIO, make sure to manage that time properly
    • An experienced person might take between 6 to 10 hours to get ULIO up and running
    • Students might take a lot more time then that
  • Adult supervision and assistance is required
    • Ideally 1 adult per 6 students
    • 2 to 3 students per kit

Printing requirements

  • You need an existing 3D printer with a minimum print volume of 200 mm x 160 mm  x 200 mm (8 in. x 6.2 in. x 8 in)
    • Available at your local school or in a nearby makerspace
  • An experienced person in 3D printing will take approximately 3 to 5 working days to print all of ULIO’S plastic parts
  • An inexperienced person in 3D printing might take a couple of days more
  • Some prints can last up to 18 hours maybe even more depending on your printing settings
  • Printing the plastic parts takes about 1082 gr. of filament and is subject to your slicing settings
    • It's good practice to estimate about 15% more (1250 gr.) 
    • We only test printed ULIO with PLA/PHA type filament
    • If you don’t have experience in 3D printing please estimate approximately 2000 gr. (2 Kgs) to be on the safe side





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