Sentry Page Protection

Before you start printing with ULIO:

  • We assume the printbed is calibrated/leveled and you've already loaded the filament into the printer (see startup and printbed leveling sections)
  • Filaments from different manufacturers might require different printing temperatures, you can try to figure out the best temperature set point by trial and error or:
    • If you like you can Print this GCode of a Temperature Torture Calibration Test by drofnas from thingiverse, then select the temperature set point with the best print quality (unlike what's shown on the printed tower, the test print was done from 195 to 225 deg C )
  • We recommend to spray some 3D Lac on the printbed for better adhesion

Once the print is done:

  • Remove the acrylic plate from the printbed and flex its corners to help you pop off the print (you have to flex the plate pretty hard)
  • Disconnect from CURA and switch off the printer

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